Tuesday, 19 June 2012


1.       What did David Cameron misplace last Sunday?
2.      Desperate Housewives finished last week, on which street was the show primarily set?
3.      The makers of Game Of Thrones had to apologise for hiding whose severed head on a spike in a scene this week?
4.      Which online children’s community did a channel 4 investigation reveal was riddled with sexual content?
5.      Who is responsible for directing the Olympics opening ceremony, plans for which were unveiled earlier this week?
6.      Name the Spurs chairman who dismissed Harry Redknapp this week?
7.      Which tennis player has been disqualified from the Queens Final after kicking an advertising hoarding into a linesmans shin?
8.      Evidence has come to light this week that which famous drink may originate from Wales rather than the US as currently thought?
9.      Staying in Wales which city has placed under 16s under curfew from 9pm every night?
10.   Who scored the third, and winning goal, in England’s match against Sweden on Friday?
11.    Which band had to cancel a performance this week  after their stage fatally collapsed.
12.   Which ventriloquist act provided entertainment in the Big Brother house this week?
  1. His daughter (Nancy)
  2. Wisteria Lane
  3. President George W Bush
  4. Habbo (Hotel)
  5. Danny Boyle
  6. Daniel Levvy
  7. David Nalbandian
  8. Jack Daniels
  9. Bangor
  10. Danny Welbeck 
  11. Radiohead
  12. Keith Harris (Orville)
From TGS Bar Wars 17/06/12

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