Wednesday, 15 August 2012

General Knowledge #41

1.       The Germans call it Free Body Culture. What do we call it?
2.      What was the name of the first American space station?
3.      Which card game is also the name of a Bond girl?
4.      Found in both Irish and Indian flag: what is the most sacred colour of Hinduism?
5.      The M20 motorway runs through which county?
6.      What is currently the UK's longest continuous running TV game show?
7.      How many lives is a cat said to have?
8.      What is the largest lake in Great Britain?
9.      False or True? The Apollo spacesuit was designed and manufactured by the lingerie company Playtex
10.   In which city is the National Football Museum?

1.       Nudism
2.      Skylab
3.      Solitaire
4.      Orange
5.      Kent
6.      Countdown
7.      Nine
8.      Loch Lomond
9.      True
10.   Manchester

From Bar Wars @ TGS Bowling 12th Aug 2012

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