Monday, 6 August 2012

News & Current Affairs Quiz #28

1.       More than half of which country was left without power this week?
2.      Who broke the record for total number of Olympic medals won by one person this week?
3.      What did the designer code-name the London Olympic cauldron in an attempt to keep its look secret?
4.      Which film was voted the greatest film of all time in the recent British Film Institute's Sight and Sound survey?
5.      What has Snoop Dogg changed his name to this week?
6.      Which Roman monument is to get a £19.5m facelift over the next two years?
7.      To the nearest million Facebook had admitted how many of its profiles are bogus?
8.      In a survey this week what do Brits loath spending money on the most, branding it a rip-off?
9.      Who quit his job as UN Syrian peace envoy on Thursday?
10.   Which comedian has revealed a secret talent for art after unveiling his painting at the Edinburgh festival?
11.    What is the name of the probe NASA is dropping on Mars tonight?
12.   Which Hollywood star was found dead on this week in 1962?

1.       India
2.      Michael Phelps
3.      Betty
4.      Vertigo
5.      Snoop Lion
6.      The Coliseum
7.      83 Million
8.      Birthday Cards
9.      Kofi Annan
10.   Harry Hill
11.    Curiosity
12.   Marilyn Monroe

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