Friday, 14 September 2012

General Knowledge #45

  1. In World War 2, what was a T-34?
  2. In British politics, which other position is now also always held by the First Lord of the Treasury?
  3. Which Spanish word is usually translated into English as “long live”?
  4. Which scientist, on discovering a solution while in the bath, is said to have jumped up exclaiming “Eureka!”
  5. Who sacrificed himself by leaving Captain Scott’s Antarctic Expedition with the words, “I am just going outside and I may be some time”?
  6. Which car manufacturer was the first to add a conveyor belt to his production line?
  7. Which piece of modern technology would a German refer to as “a handy”?
  8. Cheviot, North Ronaldsay and Scottish Blackface are all domesticated breed of which animal?
  9. In which year was the first Call Of Duty video game released?
  10. The name of which popular Chinese snack translated means 'a little bit of heart'?
  11. Which actor has been nominated twice for an Academy Award for playing a US President?
  12. In which year were the first time zones introduced?
  13. True or false: Viagra pills are kosher in Israel.
  14. What name did Hitler wish to give his proposed new World Capital?
  15. To the nearest million how many sausage rolls do Gregg’s the bakers produce per year?

  1. A (Soviet) tank
  2. Prime Minister
  3. Viva
  4. Archimedes
  5. Captain (Lawrence “Titus”) Oates
  6. Henry Ford
  7. Mobile Phone
  8. Sheep
  9. 2003
  10. Dim Sum
  11. Sir Anthony Hopkins. In Nixon and Amistad
  12. 1883. By US and Canadian railways
  13. True
  14. Germania
  15. 140 Million (Correct as of April 2012)

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